Toyota Celica RA60 ('81-'83)

Part of the last generation of Celica to feature rear wheel drive, this boxy 80s car is an important part of the Celica history. Check out our article below.

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Third-generation Celicas

Toyota Celica RA60

The third generation of Celica was released in August of 1981 - almost 11 years after the first model was released. Worldwide engine capacities ranged from 1.6L to 2.4L, with some later engines in some countries receiving fuel injection. This was the first release in the third generation; the following updates were classified as SA63 and RA65.

Total third generation imports into Australia supposedly amounted to 16,265 units. The styling was a radical departure from the previous generation - much more wedge-like!

RA60 Celica Engine and Drivetrain

The Celica continues the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout of the previous models. Australian models got the 21R-C engine.

RA60 Celica Brakes and Suspension

Disc brakes up front and drum brakes at the rear provide stopping power on the RA60. The drums were of a decent size for the time and provide adequate stopping power.

Click here for the brakes and suspension articles.

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